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Some of the sectors who have our training


PAMOVA Cymru has developed sessions specifically for teachers and classroom assistants to give them the knowledge and confidence to safely manage challenging behaviour.

Our focus is building and reinforcing existing skills in a supportive way so employees are in a position to manage conflict in the most effective and confident manner possible.

All sessions are linked to legislation and current information from Ofsted and Estyn.

Training can also be extended to include Personal Safety for teaching staff, students and security teams within Universities.

Housing and Facilities Management

PAMOVA Cymru provide personal safety training to housing and facilities employees to keep them and their clients safe in the face of conflict situations.

Our training sessions are tailored to be relevant to the situations employees face within their role.   It will provide them with the skills  to understand sources of violence, awareness of signs of aggression and how to respond to such behaviours. It will also include scenarios that reflect issues they need to resolve within their day to day work environment whilst being flexible to meet service specific needs.


PAMOVA Cymru work directly with NHS Trusts to develop policy and strategies related to conflict management and develop new and innovative approaches to manage challenging behaviour in the workplace.

Our tailored training courses ensures employees receive the level of training they need for their role. It will provide them with the skills to recognise, prevent and manage challenging behaviour, and defuse conflict situations effectively.

Our partnership with the NHS Trusts mean they are at the forefront of staff development in healthcare in the UK.

Mental Health

Specific to all employees within mental health services.

Employees are able to explore the causes of challenging behaviour within the required setting and pro-active strategies for reducing behaviours.  They will develop knowledge and skills in de-escalation strategies and be able to apply appropriate action when faced with challenges.

It is in line with best practice, research and the evidence base connected directly within this specialist area of healthcare.

Learning Disabilities

Employees benefit from gaining knowledge on how to recognise signs and symptoms of challenging behaviour within their working environment.

They are able to identify causes, and deal with situations using simple interventions to diffuse difficult and potentially aggressive situations.

Employees have the ability to resolve conflict through interpersonal skills with  individuals, whilst considering their environmental needs, as well as understanding the issues that may lead to challenging behaviours.

Care and Social Workers

Specifically for individuals involved in various aspects of social care who gain  appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil their role.

Training is developed through direct consultation with the organisation.  Training needs analysis’ are completed to identify the type of conflict situations, and the level of risk faced.Through this process, bespoke training is developed.

Due to the diverse nature of the social care role, training in this area is needs specific.  It gives Organisations the confidence that they have prepared their employees to stay, and keep themselves and the people they support safe.

Email: [email protected] / Tel: 01792 324319

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