Tutor Training

PAMOVA Cymru will train an organisation’s nominated staff member to deliver training in the safe and therapeutic management of violence and aggression.

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Tutor Training

Participants will complete a three week intensive tutor course in the teaching of theoretical and physical intervention techniques for the control of violent and aggressive situations.

What will be included in the training:

Principles of Safe Management of Aggression.
The Law (legal considerations)
Risk Assessment and Risks Associated with Restraint
Preventative De-escalation Strategies
One to One Breakaway
Restraining Techniques
Methods of Controlling an Aggressive Person
Removal of a Threatening Client to a quieter environment with assistance
Dealing with an Affray between two people
Ability, Knowledge and Practice of Teaching to Large and Small Groups
Own Awareness of Presentation Skills
Ability to Warm Up and Cool Down Group Participants

In addition, there will be opportunities for general exchange of views and experiences, and participants should come prepared to talk or lead a discussion on a topic related to the management of violent incidents.

All participants will be expected to compile and complete a presentation throughout the duration of this course.

Many different learning strategies are employed during the training, these range from group work to forum theatre role play exercises, with the use of various training aids in our delivery i.e. PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, DVDs and case studies.  The use of diverse teaching strategies ensures that all participants feel engaged in the learning process.

All training equipment, aids and materials will be provided by PAMOVA Cymru for each training session.

What to expect from our training

Purpose of the Course

To enable organisations to be self supporting in the provision of General Services training.

On completion of this course, participants should be competent to train in-house to those employees who come into contact with, or who are working with those that may display violence, aggression or challenging behaviour.

Course Aims

This training course will be delivered over a three week period.  It will provide learners with all the necessary knowledge and technique skills, to gain tutor GSA status.

The course is competency based with theoretical knowledge and practical assessments throughout.

Learners will recognise that ‘No one assessment process is considered to be of greater importance’ and on successful completion learners will achieve the necessary skills and competencies to deliver training for their own organisation.


  • Learners much achieve a set standard in all areas of the training to be considered competent.
  • Continual visual assessment including tutor’s reflective practice at the end of each day.
  • Theoretical exam.
  • Oral questioning at set points throughout the training.
  • Course direction form with supporting technical notes.
  • Demonstrate increased level of awareness and understanding of strategies for prevention of physical / verbal aggression.
  • Demonstrate developed and practised communication skills.
  • Demonstrate Breakaway skills using natural flinch reactions.
  • Demonstrate effective practical intervention techniques.
  • Associated risks with safe holding and restraint.
  • Demonstrate increased confidence and awareness of own personal safety.
  • Perform a number of set techniques to demonstrate their competency and understanding of safety points for each technique.
  • Post incident management.
  • Report writing.


All participants will be assessed on what they have learnt throughout the duration of the training.  This will be undertaken and verified by an external GSA Senior Tutor.

Each participant will be expected to deliver a presentation and they will each be assessed on their ability by demonstration of physical intervention skills.

On successful completion of this course, participants will be provided with a GSA Teaching Certificate and will be eligible to attain full GSA membership.

Email: [email protected] / Tel: 01792 324319

What Participants Say About Our Training