Tutor Refresher Training

This is an opportunity for tutors to refresh their skills and make contact with their senior tutor.

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Tutor Refresher Training

All GSA (General Services Association) tutors have to attend an annual 3 day refresher course and keep an up to date portfolio to evidence CPD.  This course includes theoretical and practical components and is assessed by a Senior Tutor within the GSA and to re qualify all tutors must have:

Demonstrate Techniques
Establish Teaching and Safety Points
Competent in Controlling the Group
Methods Employed

This is an opportunity for tutors to refresh their skills and contact their senior tutor.  This annual refresher ensures the tutors skills are maintained at a high level.  It is also an opportunity for tutors to explore solutions to issues that have arisen in training through guidance and networking.  Tutors will be encouraged to maintain contact with other in the filed to disseminate best practice.

Tutors who do not attend the annual 3 day refresher course, will not be recognised as competent to teach GSA techniques and will be in breach of the GSA guidelines.

What to expect from our training

Purpose of the Course

The Tutor Refresher Training Course is completed annually.  It is designed for tutors to update their knowledge on current legislation and guidance.

Throughout the course tutors will refer to the GSA core curriculum to ensure they have maintained a high level of standard and competency in physical intervention skills.

Course Aims

This is an opportunity for Tutors to refresh their skills and meet with their Senior Tutor.

Tutors will be expected to demonstrate their competency in their delivery of training and physical intervention techniques.  It also allows tutors to explore solutions to issues through guidance and networking.

Tutors will be encouraged to maintain contact with others within the field to disseminate best practice.


  • Learners much achieve a set standard in all areas of the training to be considered competent.
  • Promote knowledge and best practise with current legislation and national guidance.
  • Increase participants knowledge and understanding of Positive Behaviour Support.
  • Continual visual assessment including tutor’s reflective practice at the end of each day.
  • Oral questioning throughout the training.
  • Course direction of GSA Core Curriculum with supporting technical notes.
  • Develop a greater understanding of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions.
  • Develop self-awarness and de-escalation skills.
  • Raise awareness levels.
  • Make realistic risk assessments.
  • Team dynamics
  • Deliver a theoretical presentation on correct practices
  • Perform a number of set techniques to demonstrate their competency and understanding of safety points for each technique.
  • Provide evidence of updated portfolio.


Participants will be assessed on completion of this training course, undertaken by a GSA Senior Tutor.

They will be assessed on their presentation delivery and their ability to demonstrate physical interventions techniques to fellow participants.

On successful completion of this training / assessment each tutor will be provided with an updated GSA certificate.

Email: [email protected] / Tel: 01792 324319

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