Refresher Training

All physical skills training courses must be updated to prevent skills fade. PAMOVA Cymru have tailored refresher courses to update staff and equip them with any new skills.

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Refresher Training

Refresh Theoretical Core Component
Review changes in Policies and Procedures
Review the Application of Training
Practice of Physical Skills

The refresher training is tailored specifically to organisational needs and will be designed via consultation with training departments and management.  All refresher courses are monitored, and current skill levels of individuals will be fed back to organisations upon completion.  This gives organisations the confidence that their staff are operating to a high standard.

What to expect from our training

These sessions will assess and refresh theoretical knowledge and up date participants on changes in current legislation.

The sessions will also assess retention of existing skills in the physical management of violent and /or aggressive behaviour.

Course Aims

  • To refresh and assess theoretical core component.
  • To refresh and assess existing physical skills.
  • To introduce amendments, developments and new techniques.
  • To review the application of training in the participants place of work.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate all techniques identified through the work based risk assessments.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the underpinning theory for the application of physical techniques.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the wider evidence base informing conflict management in their area of work.

Theoretical Core Component

The refresher course will disseminate theoretical knowledge as identified in good practice guidance and update to reflect the wider evidence base.

It focuses highly on reducing the need for restrictive interventions in the employee’s specific service.  It will also introduce any new policy developments or research resulting in best practise standards.

The skills required will be identified in consultation with the organisation and the provider of training.  This will follow a formal consultation process.

Practical Core Component

The refresher course will develop skills and enhance existing knowledge through formal learning and practice sessions.

These will incorporate techniques as set out by the General Services core curriculum of physical skills and will be assessed via formal and informal processes.

The skills required will be identified in consultation with the  organisation and the provider of training.  This will follow a formal consultation process.

Violence Reduction Component in line with the BILD Code of Practice

This training will introduce developments in violence reduction that are intended to promote a positive reduction in violent incidents within the service.

It is aimed at implementing Positive Behaviour Support approaches into services.  PBS is a person-centred approach to supporting those who display or are at risk of displaying behaviours which challenge. The aim is to provide a long term solution for the individuals being affected by restricted practices, due to their behaviour and the people who support the individuals.

All strategies required will be identified in consultation with the  organisation and the provider of training. This will follow a formal consultation process.

Questions and Answers

This course will contain an informal Q&A process to allow employees from the commissioning organisation to examine principles of both theory and physical skills as applied in their work place.

In the interests of confidentiality there will be strict guidance and ground rules set out prior to the session. These will follow standard confidentiality processes as set out in the national guidelines.


This course is aimed specifically for those who come into contact with or working with service users that have a history of aggression, violence or self-harm.

The course will include techniques specific to managing extreme challenging behaviour that must be risk assessed and written into organisational policy.

Seclusion techniques will only be taught if a PAMOVA Tutor has first visited the organisation to assess the environment, policy and review measures.

Email: [email protected] / Tel: 01792 324319

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