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How Our Tutors Assess Participants

PAMOVA Cymru utilises a number of different assessment processes to establish the competence of course participants prior to certification.  This allows course tutors to recognise the ability of theoretical knowledge and physical skills of participants.

No one assessment process is considered to be of greater importance and the participants must achieve a set standard in all areas to be considered competent.

These processes are:-

  • Continual visual assessment including tutors’ reflective practice at the end of each day.
  • Written theoretical assessment.
  • Oral questioning throughout the training.
  • Physical competency assessment.

All staff whose level of need is determined by risk assessment should receive training to ensure current competency in the use of physical interventions, which should adhere to approved national standards.  Staffing levels and skill mix should reflect the needs of service users.

The aim of assessing competence in training is to ensure that participants have an understanding of the technical and safety issues of each technique that is taught, and that they can demonstrate them to the standard required.

Other documentation involved in the assessment of the participants include:

  • Course Attendance Register
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Physical Competency Assessment
  • Course Participant Feedback/Evaluation Forms
  • Organisation’s Composite Evaluation Forms, (written feedback for the  organisation receiving training).

How Our Training is Assessed

All PAMOVA courses are tailored to meed the needs of specific organisation and specific service user groups.

PAMOVA Cymru’s training is medically audited, assessed and subsequently certified by several organisations including RRN (Restraint Reduction Network), GSA and CPD to ensure it meets current guidance and legislation.

The content and structures of our training programmes are regularly reviewed within tutor meetings.  This gives our tutors the opportunity to share feedback on their delivery and ensures our tutors are kept updated with current legislation.

Our tutors are observed and assessed on their delivery and performance by senior team members to ensure consistency of our delivery methods.

Evaluation and Record Keeping

PAMOVA Cymru collates and stores information for each training course it delivers.  All documentation is securely stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Information stored by PAMOVA Cymru are:

  • Name and workplace of each participant.
  • Completed Health Questionnaires for every participant.
  • Teaching Log forms (which include training course, length, content, name of tutors, and organisation).
  • Participants written and physical assessments.
  • Participant Feedback/Evaluation forms.
  • Composite Evaluation forms, (written feedback for the organisation receiving the training).

Participant feedback forms are evaluated by the company to help improve the quality of our training courses.

PAMOVA Cymru pays particular attention to ensure that all course participants’ needs are considered throughout the training.

If further support is required by any participant, PAMOVA Cymru alongside the  organisation’s training department will decide the most appropriate plan of action to take.

How Our Tutors are Assessed

All PAMOVA Cymru tutors are General Services (GS) qualified and are listed on the Associations tutor database, which sets out the requirements and remits of all tutors.

To maintain tutor status within the GSA, tutors are required to:-

  • Maintain full membership of the Association.
  • Maintain and complete a current General Services Association Tutor Portfolio, which is subject to audit by the Association.
  • Evidence of attendance at mandatory General Services Association Tutor Refresher Training.
  • Presentation of General Services Association Tutor Portfolio at Tutor Refresher Training.
  • Represent the Association, enhance its reputation and serve its best interests in all training, discussions and negotiations both within PAMOVA Cymru and in relation to other Commissioning Organisations.
  • Adhere to all Association policies and procedure in the course of their role as a tutor.
  • Organise and conduct General Services Training Courses.
  • Bring to the Associations attention any issues of concern regarding the performance of the tutors which may have a detrimental effect on the Association.
  • All tutors must adhere to the General Services Code of Professional Conduct.

General Services Tutor Refresher Training

All General Services Association tutors are required to complete a three day annual refresher which is assessed by a Senior Tutor.

To re-qualify all tutors must have:-

  • Demonstrated techniques accurately, with the required level of skills, ability, speed and energy.
  • Demonstrated the techniques in a competent style and acceptable format that would be conducive to learning.
  • Demonstrate the teaching and safety points as identified in the GSA Core Curriculum.
  • Competent in controlling the group and keeping to tasks, maintaining safety, discipline and standards.
  • Methods employed complement the presentation style of the subject being delivered.
  • Competent in demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively and professionally.

PAMOVA Cymru Services Include

Conflict Resolution Training
Breakaway Training
Safeholding & Escorting
Refresher Training
Tutor Training
Tutor Refresher Training

What Participants Say About Our Training

Why work with PAMOVA Cymru?

  • Professional Service
    We specialise in developing violence and reduction strategies that have proved to reduce levels of aggression and physical violence.
  • We Come To You
    We don't mix organisations together in sessions, so we can focus and tailor our training to the needs of your organisation and employees.
  • Safeguard Your Employees
    Our training courses will equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they require should they be faced with any form of violence and aggression.
  • Affordable Services
    We provide training throughout the UK reducing cost and environmental impact to your employees. We provide training materials and equipment for all our courses. Our prices are very competitive with no hidden costs.