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PAMOVA Cymru understand that violence and aggression is never acceptable in any form during daily working lives.

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Everyone Deserves A Safe Working Environment

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PAMOVA Cymru (GS) Ltd was established in 2000 to deliver management of violence and aggression training to city councils, healthcare organisations, social care providers, schools and universities.  The Company specialises in developing knowledge and awareness of violent and aggressive behaviours that can be displayed by those they may come into contact with.

We are specialists within the field of conflict management and staff development.  We understand that violence and aggression is never acceptable in any form during daily working lives.  Our professional training programmes encompass a wide range of skills including de-escalation training, breakaway training and restrictive physical intervention training.

Our training is used throughout the country providing knowledge and skills,

enabling those to work safely within their working environment.

PAMOVA Cymru are:-

GSA, (General Services Association) www.thegsa.co.uk

RRN Certification (Restraint Reduction Network) www.restraintreductionnetwork.org

C2E Accredited (Committed to Equality) www.c2e.co.uk

CPD Accredited (Continuous Professional Development) www.cpduk.co.uk

HABC (Highfield Awarding Body Centre) www.highfieldqualifications.com


PAMOVA Cymru are certified by the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN), General Services Association (GSA), Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), CPD Certification Service (CPD), Select Accredit (bipsolutions.com), and also The Equality Register (C2E).

We offer conflict management at RQF Level 2.  This qualification is accredited via Highfield and stands as a formal qualification regulated by Ofqual.  There is an additional cost to the training to attain this formal qualification, however this qualification links to all RQF Levels under the APEL System and can be combined to diploma level.

Our Aim is to Provide 

Training and assessment from basic recognition of aggression, breakaway techniques, escorting and advanced safe holding.

Training Delivered

  • Conceptual theory of conflict management.
  • De-escalation training.
  • Positive Behaviour Support. (Restraint, reduction strategies)
  • Breakaway training
  • Restrictive Physical Intervention training.
  • Best practice update and refresher courses.

Many different learning strategies are employed during the training, these range from group work to forum theatre role-play exercises, with the use of various training aides in our delivery i.e. PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, DVDs and case studies.  The use of diverse teaching strategies ensures that all participants feel engaged in the learning process.

Method of Delivery

  • Theoretical Training
  • Classroom based Powerpoint presentation using group participation.
  • Practical Training – Low Level.
  • Breakaway techniques.
  • Group participation after demonstration by a PAMOVA Cymru qualified tutor.
  • Practical Training – High Level.
  • Safe holding, escorting to chair/floor and transportation of individuals displaying aggressive and/or violent behaviour.
  • Group participation after demonstration by a PAMOVA Cymru qualified tutor.

Who Should Attend Our Training

All staff members who come into contact with those who display aggressive  behaviour.


To recognise and deal with difficult situations in the work place, both verbally and non-verbally.

Provision of Resources

PAMOVA Cymru will provide all equipment and resources required for the delivery of our training unless otherwise agreed.

Participants attending the training will be given comprehensive literature reflecting the theoretical session of the training and will be provided with a certificate on successful completion of the training.

Our tutors are carefully selected based on their subject expertise. They all have a wealth of experience and knowledge of violence and aggression in the workplace.  Our tutors either have a BSc in Violence Reduction or are working to achieve this qualification.

In addition to their own expertise all tutors hold the following:-

  • GSA (A Grade) Certification
  • Teaching qualification
  • Health and Social Care qualification
  • First Aiders
  • DBS checked

Every training input shall include an evaluation exercise to be conducted by PAMOVA Cymru (GS) Ltd.  The output of the exercise will be shared with our client.

The evaluation forms will allow our client to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and their employee’s perception of the training without having to allocate too much time to examine individual’s feedback.

Values – Our vision, principles and commitments set out all areas of our work within Physical Intervention training which ensures a good base that recognises the need for person centred support.

Vision – Excellence through partnership.

Principles – Each individual has the right:

  • To a fulfilling life.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To make choices and decisions about their own lives.
  • To be valued by others.
  • To be actively involved in their local and wider communities.


PAMOVA Cymru’s aim is to provide high quality specialist training throughout the UK.

We achieve this by:

  1. Listening to individuals.  We are committed, through skilled listening, to becoming informed and to understand the needs, wishes and aspirations of each individual about how he or she wants to live now and in the future.
  2. Designing and delivering a person centred and tailored service.  We are committed both to responding to information about each person’s need, wishes and aspirations and to delivering relevant, flexible and affordable training, which are informed by evidence of best practice.
  3. Working with others.   We are committed to working with families/carers, commissioners/agencies, as well as social networks and communities, to build a society where people displaying challenging behaviour can participate as equals and valued citizens.
  4. Investing in our staff.   We are committed to creating a working environment, which celebrates diversity, promotes the active involvement of staff in the design and delivery of our training services and responds to their needs for academic development and support.










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Everyone Deserves A Safe Working Environment

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